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June 5th (Mon) – June 6th (Tue), 2023

June 5th (Mon), 2023

【Opening address】 Mr. Kenjiro Miwa
(Vice-Chairman of International PU Forum Committee
& INOAC Corporation)
【Keynote address I】 Envioronmental Polyurethanes in a Circular Economy
Dr. Ulrich Liman
(Vice-Chairman of International PU Forum Committee
& Former Supervisory Board member at Covestro)
【General session I】 Envioronmental PU in the sustainable and circular world. What are the impacts and what has already been done worldwide in efforts the positioning of PU as material
Mr. Bart J. ten Brink (EUROPUR)
Basic Research Preparation and Various Physical Properties of Polyimide-urethane Elastomers with Fullerene
Ph. D. Nobuya Sato (Aichi Institute of Technology)
Basic Research Increased resource-efficiency in PU-processing by new
approaches for process near material characterization
and process surveillance.
Mr. Dominik Foerges (IKV)
【General session II】 Basic Research Development of environment-friendly recycling methods of polyurethanes
Ph. D. Suguru Motokucho (Nagasaki University)
Additive Sustainable PU foam: Using additives to improve recycling & reduce volatile emissions
Mr. Herbert De Breuck (Milliken & Company)
Raw Material Use of CO2 Based polyol for PU foam and CASE
Dr. Michael Kember (Econic Technologies Ltd.)
Digitalization Digital R&D for polyurethane chemistry
Dr.Dennis Krause (Covestro AG)
Break time
【General session III】 Automoticve Mobility materials efforts towards carbon neutral
-Expectation for Polyurethane-
Mr. Kazuhide Tabata (Toyota Motor Corporation)
Environmental Development of biomass polyurethane foam
Ms. Yuki Nakaya (INOAC Corporation)
Automotive TrimVisible™ BIO Seating Foam with Significantly Reduced CO2 Footprint
Mr. Adeel Baig (Woodbridge Foam Corporation)
Automotive Model base development of the seat performance
Mr. Masanori Torao (Toyota Boshoku Corporation)

June 6th (Tue), 2023

【Keynote address III】 Environmental Bio-based Polyurethanes for Sustainable Development
Ph. D. Hiroshi Uyama
(Vice-Chairman of International PU Forum Committee & Osaka University)
【General session IV】 Comfort Circular Foam for the many
Mr. Jose Junior Naraval (Inter IKEA Group)
Comfort PU injection – A revolution of PU application in the lingerie industry
Mr. Bull Liu (Regina Miracle International (Holdings) Ltd.)
Basic Research Structure and Mechanical Properties of Thermoplastic Polyurethane by Annealing and Heat Elongation
Ph. D. Hiromu Saito (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Basic Research Biomass as a Source for Novel Polyurethanes
Dr. Mochamad Chalid (University of Indonesia)
【General session V】 Raw Material Novel prepolymers for higher performance and better sustainability
Mr. Zhenglei Zhang
(LANXESS Chemical (China) Co., Ltd.)
Additive Sillicone Based Additives to Enhance the Thermal
Insulation Performance of Polyisocyanurate Rigid Foams
Mr. Toshihisa Nasa (Momentive Performance
Materials Japan LLC)
Raw Material Prospects of polyurethane materials for automobiles in the Asian market
Dr. Wayne Yao (Dow Chemical)
Additive Generation Mechanisms of Amine and Aldehyde Emissions and Odour from Polyurethane Foams and Reduction Methods by Amine Catalysts
Mr. Yusuke Morioka (Tosoh Corporation)
Break time
【General session VI】 Additive Kick-start your new project with Evonik’s Next Generation Technologies
Dr. Michael Krebs (Evonik Operations GmbH)
Environmental Current efforts by Polyurethanes to reduce environmental load
Mr. Osami Hayashi (Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.)
Additive Exolit® Flame Retardants for Polyurethanes – New
Sustainable Solutions for Increasing Performance Needs
Ms. Demi Tang (Clariant)
【Closing Remarks】 Mr. Toyohiko Okina
(Vice-Chairman of International PU Forum Committee
& INOAC Corporation)